Infant Drowns After Intoxicated Mother Falls Asleep While Taking A Bath

A 10-month old boy is now dead after his 35 year old mother, Rosa Regina Feeney passed out in a bathtub while intoxicated.

Feeney of Melbourne Beach, FL was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child along with child neglect.

Deputies said they arrived to Deangelo's by the Sea Hotel in   Melbourne Beach on December 6 to find Feeney performing CPR on her  son.

They believe that Feeney was drinking alcohol before  she entered the tub and upon getting in, set the child in the bathtub  with her and then continued to fall asleep, leaving the child to drown.

She eventually woke up to find the child completely unresponsive. 

Deputies say she appeared to be very inebriated during the contact with the law the night of the incident.

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