TV Film Crew Arrested By TSA For Intentionally Bringing Fake Explosive

On Thursday, January 18 A TV Film Crew was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport after trying to pass a very suspicious item through security and was caught by TSA Agents.

The said Item had "all of the makings of an improvised explosive device.'

At least 7 members of the film crew were arrested by Port Authority Police after the TSA officers informed them of a suspected suspicious item that was found in a carry on bag.

It was said that the film crew INTENTIONALLY brought these items in their bags, while the other half of the film crew stood close by to film the encounter.

Film Crew With A BAD Idea

Film Crew With A BAD Idea

Their Goal? To see if TSA Agents would discover the item....

Guess what... THEY DID and the film crew was arrested and are being charged with multiple charges.

Do you think this is a good case of investigative journalism or just outright stupid?

They all face possible civil penalities by TSA, and can be charged over $13,000 PER security violation.

Good  word of advice : NEVER bring ANYTHING that would look anything like an  explosive device to the airport.... even if it's just to see if you'd  get caught. *Sigh*

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