Megachurch Pastor Resigns After Nearly 50 Years Over Mysterious Past 'Sin'


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A Dallas megachurch pastor has resigned after nearly 50 years with his congregation over a mysterious "sin" he claims he committed a "number of years ago."

Dr. Tony Evans, 74, the lead pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, revealed his decision in a statement shared on the church's website Sunday (June 9).

"The foundation of our ministry has always been our commitment to the Word of God as the absolute supremestandard of truth to which we are to conform our lives," Evans wrote. "When we fall short of that standard due to sin, we are required to repent and restore our relationship with God. A number of years ago, I fell short of that standard. I am, therefore, required to apply the same biblical standard of repentance and restoration to myself that I have applied to others."

Evans specified that he "committed no crime" but still "did not use righteous judgement in my actions," without providing specific details. The church said the longtime pastor's decision was made after "tremendous prayer and multiple meetings with church elders."

Bobby Gibson, another pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, and church elders are expected to provide more details in the coming days regarding an interim lead pastor and the future of the role. Evans founded Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in 1976, which grew from 10 members during initial sermons held at his home to more than 10,000.

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