Man Armed With Gun, Axes, Knives, And NYPD Vest Arrested After Traffic Stop

Weapons confiscated during a traffic stop

Photo: New York City Police Department

A routine traffic stop in New York City uncovered a man with a small cache of weapons and other police items in his vehicle. On Wednesday (June 12) morning, officers saw a black Ford Explorer with a blacked-out license plate driving through Queens and pulled the car over.

During the traffic stop, officers uncovered numerous weapons in the car, including a 9mm pistol, eight loaded magazines, two axes, several knives, a stun gun, a weighted whip, an expandable baton, NYPD body armor, a red and yellow MTA vest in his vehicle, and a Guy Fawkes mask.

The driver, identified as 27-year-old Judd Sanson, was taken into custody and is facing numerous charges, including criminal possession of a weapon – a loaded firearm, criminal possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of an ammo feed device, and driving with an obscured license plate.

According to the New York Post, several messages were etched on the baton, including "You gon [sic] learn today" and the Arabic phrase "God forgive me."

The outlet also reported that Sanson expressed extremist views online.

"Members of this department make gun arrests, weapons arrests, arrests for knives every day, but an arrest of this magnitude, the amount of ammunition, NYPD paraphernalia in the car was significant," Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey told reporters.

Maddrey said the investigation is ongoing and that "it's still too early" to determine if Sanson had ties to terrorism or if he was planning an attack.

"We will continue to investigate this incident," Maddrey said. "Our members are out there, 1:30 in the morning, members of our public safety team, while many people were sleeping. I was sleeping. Our officers are out there to make sure that we are safe."

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