WATCH: Man Breaks Into Bar, Celebrates By Popping A Bottle Of Prosecco

suspect breaks into bar

Photo: The Inn At Belfairs

Authorities in the United Kingdom are searching for a man who broke into a bar and trashed the place before stealing the cash register. Greg Weller, the owner of The Inn At Belfairs in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, shared surveillance video of a man wrecking the bar on Saturday (May 26) night.

The video shows the man stealing the cash register before returning to celebrate his break-in by popping a bottle of Prosecco and helping himself to some food.

"This pathetic excuse of a human broke into our restaurant last night at 2.13am and was backwards and forwards taking bits out the restaurant," Weller wrote on Facebook, asking anybody who knows the suspect to contact him or the Essex police.

Weller turned over all of the surveillance video to the police and believes they will make an arrest.

"As owners, it's disheartening when you've worked so hard to have someone come along and think this is OK," he told BBC.

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