The Weirdest Florida Stories We Found In April 2024

Photo: Escambia County Sheriff's Office, Getty Images

We're in the final stages of spring, meaning the flowers are in full bloom and more U.S. cities are getting warm sunshine. What doesn't change is the strange mishaps unfolding in the Sunshine State.

April saw an interesting trend: drunken shenanigans, car crashes, and police chases. Several stories had at least two of these things going on, such as the drunk driver who allegedly confused a boardwalk for a waterway and drove his car right into it. Then, there was a 22-year-old man who tried hiding in a trash can after crashing his car and leading police on a 147 mph chase.

One of the top stories was an intoxicated man sitting naked inside a Tampa garbage can. He tried arguing with police officers that he had a right to sit in the stinky container.

Of course, we must mention what the alligators were up to last month. One was caught on camera breaking into a Florida woman's home and making himself comfortable in her kitchen. Another video showed a professional trapper subduing an angry gator with his bare hands.

You can read about those wild stories and more below:

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