Pasco School Board Says "Yes" to Cell Tower

In a 3-2 vote, the Pasco County School Board has voted in favor of a cell tower near the Starkey K-through-8 School in Odessa. The vote came after two hours of public comment---with many people opposing the tower because of what they feel is a risk of cancer. But Superintendent Kurt Browning says there's another, more real risk. "I would be much more concerned about an active threat on one of our campuses than I would my child--my grandchild--getting cancer from a cell tower.

That comment raised some eyebrows.

"If he fully believes that putting a cell phone tower on the school campus is the best answer for school security," said parent Erin Stroupe, "than what else has gone wrong here?"

Erin Stroupe has three daughters, including one that will attend the school this fall.

The issue now goes to the Pasco County Commission, who will make the final decison.

photo: Getty Images

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