Six-Year-Old Orders $1,000 Worth Of Food On Grubhub While Using Dad's Phone

Boy playing alone on smart phone in living room

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A six-year-old boy from Michigan is in hot water after he used his dad's phone to order $1,000 worth of food from GrubhubKeith Stonehouse told WJBK that his son Mason was playing with his phone before he went to bed.

While Keith thought his son was playing games, he was actually browsing menus on Grubhub and placing massive orders for food. Keith didn't realize something was amiss until delivery drivers started showing up at his door.

"I looked out the window, and he popped up, and he said, 'Who's here?' Keith said.

"Now I'm picking up more food, and it happens again and again," he added. "Cars are coming in the driveway while cars are leaving the driveway."

Mason was generous to the delivery drivers, leaving a 25% on every order.

Keith said that the bank was able to reverse some of the charges, and Grubhub gave them a $1,000 gift card.

To teach Mason a lesson, they opened up his piggy bank and took the money he had saved up to help pay for some of the food he ordered.

"We grabbed his piggy bank and showed him all this money that comes out from the piggy bank. One by one, that was this. That was this bag of food. That was this, and you could see his face, you know," Keith told WDIV.

"I think it sunk in when we were actually taking his money to try to pay back some of it, just as a lesson. I know what this money in your piggy bank means to you. So, this is only a fraction of what you spent," Mason's mom, Kristyn, said.

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