Clearwater Police Announce 2nd Arrest in Cyclist Murder

CLEARWATER -- Police have made a second arrest in the murder of a man who police say was selected at random and beaten to death as he rode his bicycle around Clearwater Beach.

They've charged 18-year-old Savonne Morrison as a principal to first-degree murder in the death of Jeffrey Chapman October 21st. Officers say the Land O' Lakes man knew 26-year-old Jermaine Bennett and rode with him on a crime spree that included beating an elderly man with the same tire iron believed to have been used to kill Chapman. That man survived and was treated for broken bones and ribs.

Police believe Morrison knocked Chapman off his bike before Bennett beat him to death. They say it was a random attack. They also say Bennett showed no remorse when questioned by police.

In presenting a timeline, police say Bennett texted Morrison that they were going to "go ghetto" before launching the crime spree. They have video of the suspects allegedly using a tire iron to smash out car windows.

Photo: Canva

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