2 Wanted in Tampa Murder Caught in Brownsville, Texas

TAMPA -- Police say two men wanted for a deadly shooting outside a club have been captured, just north of the Mexican border.

US Marshals found 20-year-old Josue Clavel and 32-year-old Damaso Bravo Monday at a hotel in Brownsville, Texas, where they were staying with their girlfriends.

The men had $20,000 in cash. Chief Mary O' Connor believes that if police had not "worked tirelessly around the clock." they would have crossed into Mexico to avoid prosecution

Prosecutors will seek to bring them back to Florida to face charges. O'Connor says detectives have tied them to the Latin Kings gang.

One man was killed and six others were wounded in the shooting, which began as an argument that spilled out onto the street in front of the Lit cigar lounge on Franklin Street October 9th.

Photo: Canva/ Tampa Police

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