DeSantis Announces Performance Bonuses for Schools Affected by Ian

NORTH PORT -- It was in the works before Ian, but it certainly comes in handy now.

Governor Ron DeSantis visited Toledo Blade Elementary during its first day of class since Hurricane Ian, to announce that the "A" school is getting $142,000. It's one of 96 schools in five counties that took the worst from the storm that are getting money for getting an A or improving a letter grade from year to year.

"Now that you're dealing with what we're dealing with, this may come in handy," the governor said.

Schools have some flexibility with the money. It may be used for teacher bonuses, investing in equipment and supplies to improve learning, or hiring substitutes or temporary employees.

The governor also praised teachers and administrators for working through Ian and its aftermath.

"I.. saw some that lost their homes and yet, they're showing up to school every day, trying to prepare the school for the kids to come back," DeSantis said.

Photo: Getty Images

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