90s Serial Bank Robber Suspected in Clearwater Holdup

CLEARWATER -- A man identified as the "I-4 Bandit" in the 90s is back in trouble with the law.

David Marc Ratcliff was convicted in 6 bank robberies in the late 1990's, and was considered a suspect in as many as 19. Now, he's facing new charges after Clearwater police say he held up a Wells Fargo bank in the 600 block of Ft. Harrison Ave on Tuesday morning.

A helicopter from the Pinellas County sheriff's Office was able to track Ratcliff's car to Belleair Beach, where he tried to steal a truck, but was caught by a Sheriff's K-9 moments later....less than a half hour after the bank robbery.

He's also said to be a suspect in bank robberies in temple Terrace and St. Petersburg.

Police spokesman Rob Shaw says Ratcliffe, when arrested, made sure police knew about his criminal history. "Apparently he didn't learn his lesson the first time around, and for some reason he's very proud of his past. I'm not sure why that is," Shaw said.

Clearwater police chief Daniel Slaughter says he hopes this arrest finishes Ratcliffe's criminal career for good.

Photo: Canva

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