Canadian Tax Group Says "Non" to Rays Stadium Money

ST. PETERSBURG -- At least one group of Canadians isn't happy with the idea of the Tampa Bay Rays sharing the season with Montreal, at least if it involves a stadium funded by Quebec tax dollars.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation paid for a billboard outside the Rays' current home, Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. It reads: "Dear Rays, Montreal won't pay for your new stadium. Sincerely, Taxpayers."

Renaud Broussard, Quebec Director for the federation, says taxpayers aren't going to pay for a new stadium. “Quebec’s economic recovery is fragile, our health-care system is struggling and this is the most heavily taxed jurisdiction in North America. Quebec taxpayers can’t pay for another stadium for a part-time baseball team.”

The federation quotes a poll saying 60 percent of Quebecers were opposed to subsidizing baseball in Montreal.

Rays owner Stu Sternberg has been talking with a group of Quebec business leaders about splitting the season with two open-air stadiums.

Photo: Timothy Cox Photography / Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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