Charlie Crist Announces "Justice for All" Plank in Governor's Race

TAMPA -- Congressman Charlie Crist, who served as Florida's governor as a Republican and now is making his second try for the job as a Democrat, rolled out a set of proposals on felons' rights and gun issues.

Crist announced his "Justice for All" plan at a news conference in Tampa Monday. It includes accelerating the clemency process and a call for a new state law to automatically restore voting rights of felons who have completed their sentences. Lawmakers voted in 2019 to tie restoration to complete payment of court fines and restitution.

Crist's plan also calls for universal background checks and banning what his release refers to as assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Crist says he will unveil the second half of his plan later this week as he continues a statewide tour.

Photo: Getty Images

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