Tampa officer shoots pit bull that ran out of apartment toward her

TAMPA (WFLA) — An officer with the Tampa Police Department shot a pit bull twice after it ran out of its owner’s front door and toward her, officials said.

The incident happened at an apartment complex on South West Shore Boulevard on March 17. A city spokesperson said officers responded to the area after a complaint of someone holding a rifle on a second floor balcony, not aiming it at anyone. Officers checked the area but didn’t find anything, so they went to speak with the person who originally called in the report. As the woman came out of her door, officers said her dog also got out and ran toward the closest officer.

The officer fired two shots at the dog, striking it both times, the city spokesperson said. In an email, the spokesperson identified the dog as a pit bull. The woman took her dog to an emergency veterinary hospital after the incident. X-rays revealed the wounds were not life threatening.

Click here to read more on the story and watch video from the officers body cam from News Channel Eight.

Credit: News Channel Eight

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