Tampa City Council Sanctions Bars' Liquor Licenses over Masks

TAMPA -- One bar will face a suspension of its liquor license but others will escape sanctions after making agreements with the city of Tampa, over mask enforcement during the pandemic.

Tampa City Council voted to approve a seven-day suspension of the liquor license at Prana Ybor's Premier Nightspot, 1619 East 7th Avenue. Prana's lawyer, Luke Lirot, called the mask rules impossible to enforce. "(If) code enforcement is there and someone gets up instantaneously from their seat... and removes a mask to take a drink or talk to a friend... there's just no time for anybody in management to ensure 100 percent compliance."

MacDinton's Irish Pub on South Howard and Club Skye on 8th Avenue in Ybor received three-day suspensions.

City Council accepted a settlement with Ritz Ybor on Seventh Avenue as well as other clubs including King Corona Cigars. These includes procedures for the clubs to follow. One club, Ritz Ybor, canceled live entertainment for a weekend to train employees.

Photo: Getty Images

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