WATCH: Two Tampa Police-Involved Shootings Ruled Justified


TAMPA -- The Hillsborough State Attorney's Office has ruled two shootings involving Tampa Police to be justified.

The first involved the non fatal shooting of 28-year-old Jeremy De La Cruz-Liwag January 18th. Five officers responded after a resident of an apartment complex at 6401 South Westshore Boulevard complained that a man with a gun was banging on their door.... with doorbell camera video to back it up, showing a man banging on the apartment door with a firearm in his left hand. Officers approached the front door of the subject's apartment. They say he refused commands to show his hands and began to raise a loaded 9mm pistol he had behind his back. The officer closest fired three shots, causing non-fatal injuries. State Attorney Andrew Warren ruled that the officer was in fear of his life.

In the second shooting, FDLE ruled that the non-fatal shooting of 44-year-old Renardo Butler on Christmas Day, 2020 was justified. This followed a SWAT standoff that lasted several hours after investigators say Butler forced himself into a motel room and barricaded himself inside, shooting at officers outside several times. Six officers had body cams with video.

See video links below:

Photo: Tampa Police

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