Bucs, Tampa Still Planning Victory Parade

TAMPA -- Tampa Mayor Jane Castor says the city is negotiating details for a Super Bowl championship parade with the NFL champion Buccaneers, with details to be announced Tuesday or Wednesday.

Castor told reporters Monday morning that the city will plan a "safe" celebration and that "bad actors" who blocked streets and caused disruptions during spontaneous celebrations Sunday night in downtown Tampa arent invited. "The (police) will deal with them," Castor said. Disturbances were reported in areas near the river bridges, most particularly at Kennedy Boulevard and Ashley Drive.

Castor insisted that most people who celebrated the Bucs' win around Tampa Sunday night were wearing masks, even though TV reports showed crowds at local sports bars with the vast majority unmasked. The mayor said it came down to "personal responsibility," and that Tampa had done all it could to promote mask wearing.

The mayor says cleanup following the Super Bowl win is mostly complete, and that the city is none the worse for wear, minus a couple of banners from the Super Bowl Experience site on the riverfront.

Photo: Getty Images

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