Crazy Candy Corn Items That You Didn't Know You Need This Halloween

Candy Corn is a staple treat of Halloween. Whether you love or hate it, it's a special treat that represents the spooky season.

Over the years, people have gotten very creative with their use of Candy Corn, from fake nails to costumes. People have done it all.

Below you'll see some of the craziest uses of Candy Corn:

Candy Corn Nails are VERY popular and SUPER cute:

Candy Corn Perfume is a thing.

Candy Corn Cookies look super yummy! If you want to purchase some click here

There is even a Parfait Style Candy Corn you could make as a party treat.

People even found creative ways to make a Candy Corn Costumes:

You can even bake a Candy Corn Cake if you want to get festive this year.

You can even get a Candy Corn alcoholic beverage:

How will you be using Candy Corn this year?

Photo: Getty Images

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