Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Alabama vs Missouri

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban and the school's athletic director, Greg Byrne, have tested positive for COVID-19. Both men immediately left campus and returned to their homes, where they will self isolate.

Saban told reporters during a Zoom call on Wednesday (October 14) night that he is "completely asymptomatic."

"I feel fine, so I'm not really concerned that much about my health, but you never know," Saban said. "Look, I basically feel like when we're in our own personal bubble here, everybody is in a much safer place. I think as soon as you travel, you get exposed to a lot more things and a lot more people."

Saban said that he will continue to work from home and will be monitoring his team's practice on Zoom.

"I had the manager have a phone," he said. "If I wanted a play repeated, I said, 'Repeat that play. So-and-so messed up.' I didn't leave the country or anything. I'm just right down the street. And we have this technology, so it's really unique."

While Saban can still coach the team remotely during practice, he will not be allowed to do so when the Crimson Tide take on the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday (October 17). NCAA rules prohibit remote coaching on game day.

Saban said that offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will handle things while he quarantines, but he did not say how much autonomy he will have to make decisions. Saban told reporters that he isn't worried about how his players will respond to the situation.

"We've had a lot of challenges this year. Our guys have shown great maturity in how they've handled those challenges," Saban said. "So, I'm sure they'll handle this in a very positive way, as well."

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