Amanda Payne, AMPLIFY Clearwater’s President/CEO, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss TASTE THE TOWN.

The event will be happening on August 10th-September 7th and is designed to bring restaurants local business leading up to Labor Day.

Weekly menu specials will be presented on several social media to help diners plan their dining strategy.

There will be benefits for guests that dine at multiple locations including a chance to win prizes.

Participating restaurants will feature one dish each week based on the theme of the week

Week 1: Drink Outside the Box(cocktail/drink)

Week 2: Appe-TEASE the Taste Buds(appetizer)

Week 3: Show us the Beef(burger/beef dish)

Week 4: SEA-food, Eat Food(seafood dish)

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(AMPLIFY Clearwater)

Photo: Getty Images

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