Col. Dave Apt-K9 Partners for Patriots

Col. Dave Apt, an Army veteran, serves as K9 Partners for Patriot's Chairman of the Board, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss K9 Partners for Patriots.

K9 Partners For Patriots is an organization transforming the lives of veterans and active duty service members struggling with the effects of PTS, TBI, and/or MST by rescuing homeless dogs and teaching veterans to train them as their own service dogs in a safe and judgement free, family environment.

Before having the dogs train with veterans they must be able to alert positively to the scent of adrenaline because that innate ability is what makes them ideal partners for veterans with PTSD, TBI, and MST.

The dogs are rescued from shelters and once they pass our tests and know they qualify to become a service dog, it is crucial to place the dog with a foster who will help it socialize and get it ready to be matched with a veteran.

Which is why K9 Partners For Patriots is need of your help to foster these dogs.

Here are commonly asked questions about Fostering:

What do the fosters do?

They provide a temporary home for the dogs that we know will soon be matched with a veteran. Many of the dogs that enter the program come from animal shelters and rescues.The foster provides a valuable role in giving the shelter dog care & attention and the chance to get used to a home.

How long does fostering take?

2 to 3 weeks and generally less than 2 months

What is required to foster?

Fosters must be willing to involve the dog in family activities and allow the dog to live indoors as a member of the household. Have one-on-one time, play time and walks dog on leash.

The fosters must be brought to the K9 Partners For Patriots training facility once a week to observe classes and help socialize the dog.

K9 Partners For Patriots will provide all fosters with dog food; cover all medical expenses and also offer some assistance with gas cards to cover fuel expenses

For those who want to learn more about our Foster Care program click here


Considerable research has been done on our program by faculty members at St. Leo University and University of Central Florida (UCF) about K9 Partners For Patriots that provides an on-going and in-depth program for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)

Participants in the service dog training complete assessments at multiple points before, during, and after their participation to measure how they are responding to the program.

To learn more about the research done click here


If you're someone who's interested in helping our veterans and would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteers' online application and tell K9 Partners for Patriots about yourself here

What do the veterans who've been through the program think about it? See for yourself!


If you want to learn about veterans who've been through the program and their experience click here


If you'd like to make a donation to the organization click here

Other Information:

If you want to apply please do not come to the facility unannounced. Under ordinary circumstances they would schedule visits but because of COVID-19 all visits have been suspended.

Veterans start here to get started to learn about how you can get involved with K9 Partners for Patriots.

If you have any other questions about the program click here

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