Bravado Health Has Created a Safe Way for Employees to Get Back to Work

Kay Hanks, Bravado Health at, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss a platform called Ayva that was created as a safe way for employees to get back to work that checks employee health before they arrive at work.

The CDC is asking all employers to screen employees daily, before the employee shows up at work or the job site - breathing, temperature & body aches

The platform, Ayva, will screen employees every single workday before they come to the office/worksite for those 3 factors that CDC says are most important to monitor: breathing, temperature & body aches.

It’s easy & super-fast for the employees, taking less than 60 seconds/day using their smartphone, AND there’s nothing for them to download, no google or apple playstore.

To learn more about Ayva click here

Photo: Getty Images

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