Major General Clay Hutmacher (Ret.)-Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Major General Clay Hutmacher (Ret.), President and CEO of Special Operations Warrior Foundation, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss what the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is all about.

April 24 (tomorrow) is the 40th anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw, the mission to rescue American hostages in Iran. 

On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants seized the US Embassy in Tehran and took 53 American hostages.

On April 24, 1980, after weeks of planning and preparation, an element of Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force special operators embarked on a bold plan to rescue the hostages.The mission did not succeed, with eight servicemen killed.

The surviving servicemen made a battlefield promise to ensure the 17 children who lost their fathers that day would have their education paid for.

The promise made that day led to the founding of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Today SOWF is providing for the education of over 800 sons and daughters of Special Operations operators who have lost their lives in the service of their country.

What does Special Operations Warrior Foundation provide? 

  • Scholarships for Education to the highest level attainable by the student
  • Family Outreach Team offers students and their families constant support
  • College Preparation Programs
  • COVID 19 Support - help with laptops and other student needs, counseling

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