Jan Haskins-Tips for Parents on Online Schooling During COVID-19 Outbreak

Jan Haskins, speech-language pathologist, and owner of GradePower Learning Largo and GradePower Learning Palm Harbor joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss tips for parents on online schooling during COVID-19 Outbreak.

What should Parents do to help their kids?

-Maintain consistent routines

-Consider "no screen" evenings

-Eat together as a family

-Don't sweat school work

-If student has struggled since the beginning of the school year, the work assigned may be too difficult

You can call GradePower Learning for a free consultation- all of our classes are now via Zoom

Tip for High school students:

-SAT has been cancelled until the August test date (so no May or June testing opportunities)

-Implications for Bright Futures qualification

-Now through the August test date would be a great time for sophomores and juniors to prep for SAT

GradePower Learning is offering a free "College Readiness 101" seminar via Zoom to answer questions about SAT/ACT, Bright Futures Scholarships, timeline for admissions, admission requirements.

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