Julie Cole-Importance of Students Reading during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Julie Cole,spokesperson for the Read On myON partnership and collaborator with ReadStrong Pinellas initiative joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss ReadStrong Pinellas is teaming up with The Read On myON partnership to give children access to thousands of digital books for reading practice at home via the myON digital reading application.

ReadStrong Pinellas is a collaborative initiative to reach parents and caregivers across Pinellas County about grade-level reading and to inspire readers of all ages and encourages community involvement in building strong readers and donations for books to share with children and families.

When in school, students in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties are reading daily and using myON to support their reading growth.

It is important for children to keep reading at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since schools are still closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, students and families can get information on how to access myON by click here Parents and caregivers will get tips for on how to use myON at home.

Here’s some tips for families to use myON at home.

1. Ask your child to

· get onto their myON account (with a username and password)

· show you their reading interest in myON.

· show you their myON Profile Report and

· how they see themselves as a reader.

2. Sit with your child and read together (This is especially important for students in grades K-3).

3. Use one of the science texts on myON to do an at home-experiment.

4. Students have access to myON News articles.

There’s a section on myON website for parents and caregivers on ways to help their child during the COVID-19.

Creating Access to On-line Reading Across Tampa Bay

Across the Tampa Bay Region, Reading is a critical skill for children to practice - even when they are not in school.

To learn more information click here

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