Strip Club Offers Free VR Dances For Coronavirus Self Isolation

Self Isolation and Social Distancing has become the new norm for most after the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. 

With most restaurants, bars and workplaces now closed or adjusting hours of operation in various states around the United States due to the coronavirus businesses are thinking outside the box to make income.

A New York member-based strip club called "Die Happy Tonight" (DHT) is getting creative with their closure and offering virtual reality lap dances. 

According to the New York Post, the club is, "Known for its "wholesome" girl-next-door strippers, the DHT gentlemen's club has had VR in the works, but the launch "just happens to come at a time where people aren't leaving their home," founder Kalin Moon tells The Post."

The camera show will offer personal lap dances that use VR and a 360-degree video meant to bring the viewer no matter where they are at right to the DHT club's VIP room.

I'm sure we will see more businesses getting creative during this challenging time to make ends meet.

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(New York Post)

Photo: Getty Images

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