Arcade Stocks Claw Machines with Soap, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked mass panic to buy hand sanitizer, soap, cleaning products, and toilet paper. 

If one thinks they have the virus, health officials are recommending to people to self-quarantine for two weeks, which is causing people to stock up on goods. 

However, in England, an Arcade decided to stock the claw machines with sanitary products, so people get a chance to win the items that will help fight the virus. 

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, "Rob Braddick was recently struck with inspiration after noticing that the toilet paper was in short supply at his local grocery store, and stocked up on the household essential. Then, the owner of Devon’s Ho Barts Amusement Arcade mostly swapped out the toys that filled the claw machines with TP, as well as in-demand hand sanitizer and soap."

It pokes fun at the serious topic that the world is dealing with but also a reminder to have good hygiene during this panic.

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(FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Photo: Getty Images

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