Private Jet Business Is Booming Becuase of Coronavirus-Prone Areas

People in coronavirus-prone areas are paying big bucks to leave areas with travel bans.

The private jet industry is booming right now, and people are paying up to $15,000 per hour to evacuate places that are coronavirus-prone.

The public has become very scared of the thought of getting this unknown virus, and many do not want to travel from commercial airport terminals and aircraft.

According to Daily Mail, "Since the outbreak in China's Wuhan, COVID-19 has cropped up in 74 other countries - 111 were infected in the US Tuesday - and flyers are paying up to $15,000 per hour in a bid to bypass crowded security screenings at public airports."

Private jet companies like PrivateFly are seeing an increase in inquires due to people that experienced airline cancellations or didn't want to risk riding on commercial airlines.

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(Daily Mail)

Photo: Getty Images

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