Woman Goes Blind After Getting Her Eyeballs Dyed Black

A polish woman is blind in one eye and will eventually lose sight in the other because a tattoo artist attempted to dye her eyeballs black and failed.

The woman's name is Aleksandra Sadowska, who is 25 and from the city of Wroclaw in the west of Poland.

Sadowska wanted to tattoo her eyes because she wanted to imitate a rap artist called Popek. (Video on Popek eye tattoo below)

Sadowska got her first eye tattooed in her right eye, and doctors told her that damage made could not be fixed, and she would slowly lose sight in her left eye too.

According to Daily Mail, "The woman's lawyers told local media: 'There is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure."

A court case is expected to start soon.

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(Daily Mail)

Photo: Getty Images

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