Twitter Page Dedicated to Hot Ladies With Mugshots Called 'Mugshawtys.'

There's a Twitter Page dedicated to hot ladies with mugshots called 'Mugshawtys.'

Mugshots are known for going viral, whether it's a crazy news story to go with it, the person is doing something bizarre in it, or their just plain attractive it's been a trend in recent years on social media. 

On Twitter, 'Mugshawtys' started to trend, and the account was sharing hot mugshots of ladies that got caught breaking the law. 

The Twitter page has about 200,000 followers and is sharing content daily. 

According to the New York Post who spoke with the creator of the Twitter, "A lot of people send me their own mugshots — I get probably 15 to 20 plus [direct messages] a day of different ones," the creator of Mugshawtys, 24-year-old electrician Josh Jeffery, tells The Post. "A lot of what I post is submissions."

If a person wants their mugshot taken down, 'Mugshawtys' will take it down immediately.

It's an interesting concept because some people who are shared on the page want to be recognized and even tagged on their social media for reasons like bail and recognition.

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(New York Post)

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