AMTB Celebrates Fat Tuesday With King Cake Who Will Find the 'Baby?'

Fat Tuesday is the celebration that symbolizes the beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and the day before Ash Wednesday.

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans means lots of floats, fun and partying.

AM Tampa Bay decided to do a tradition that is done on Fat Tuesday, and that is eating a King Cake.

When eating the King Cake, there is a small baby inside that whoever gets the piece with the baby gets good luck.

Aaron Jacobson and Katie Butchino were skeptical that there would be a baby inside.

However, after ripping the cake apart this morning, there was a baby, and Natalie Aquilia found it.

Be sure to watch the hilarious video of trying to find the 'baby' in the King Cake.

The King Cake before AM Tampa Bay got a hold of it.

The aftermath (With the Baby)

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