A New Right-Wing Coffee Shop Is Opening This Weekend in Largo

Tampa is getting a right-wing themed coffee shop this weekend.

The establishment is called Conservative Grounds and is located in Largo, Florida.

The coffee shop will have it's grand opening this weekend and there will be tons of choices to get your caffeine fix like basic coffee, espressos, and more.

On the Conservative Grounds website, it expresses that the shop was created after six officers were asked to leave a coffee shop and wanted to create a place where conservatives would feel welcomed.

The entire establishment will be American themed, and there is even store merchandise you can purchase as well.

According to Orlando Weekly, the shop will have, "A replica of the White House's Oval Office (complete with cardboard cutouts of the Trumps), FOX News looped on the TVs, and welcoming signs for concealed carry weapons."

If you want to attend the soft opening of Conservative Grounds this weekend, it will be held this Saturday, February 22nd at 13344 66th St. in Largo.

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(Orlando Weekly)

Photo: Getty Images

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