Shaunda Burdette-“Book, Line, and Thinkers”

Shaunda Burdette, Executive Director of the Citrus County Education Foundation, joined AM Tampa Bay to discuss “Book, Line, and Thinkers,” an educational fishing field trip that addresses science and math standards taught in the classroom in Citrus County.

This program benefits 5th grade students by reinforcing the standards and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Partnering with the Homosassa Guide’s Association, this provides a valuable, hands-on, real-world learning experience for students.

Nearly 70% of the students are economically disadvantaged and do not have resources to experience this kind of unique, real world experience and this program helps provides that.

The CCEF is working tirelessly to create a community of care where community members and donors join together to fill the gaps that exist within the Citrus County School District.

To learn more about the program click here

(Citrus County Education Foundation)

Photos: Natalie Aquilia

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