Full-Time 'Adult Baby' Has Own Nursery and Spends $300 a Month on Diapers

A woman named Paigey, who is 25 years old, has an unbelievable job title.

Paigey calls herself a full-time 'adult baby.'

You might be wondering how a person gets this job, and thanks to Paigey's online fans, she can do this around the clock.

Her fans pay for her diapers, and she revealed she spends around $300 a month on them.

According to Daily Mail, "She begins every day by waking up in her crib, and after her morning diaper change, she spends her time playing with toys and creating online content for her followers."

The community she is apart of is called the adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL), and she has hundreds of paid subscribers that help fund her life and needs as an 'adult baby.'

What do you think of Paigey's unusual lifestyle?

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(Daily Mail)

Photo: Getty Images

Here's another video about someone living as an 'adult baby.'

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