Restaurants That Didn't Survive The Past Decade

Mashed put together a list of restaurants that did not make it in the industry the past decade.

The restaurants in the video at some points were so successful, but unfortunately didn't survive the cut-throat industry.

Today if you are craving fried chicken, you would probably head to KFC or Popeyes.

In the '90s, if you were craving chicken take-out, you might think of went to Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Kenny Rogers Roasters specialized in rotisserie chicken but unfortunately did not last long in the United States disappearing completely in 2011.

However, Kenny Rogers Roasters found it's second life in Asia.

According to Mashed, "There are now more than 400 Kenny Rogers Roasters spread across the Philippines, Malaysia, China, and India, and the chain is still expanding."

In this video, you'll see other places that did not survive the decade, but it's crazy to see what actually last in the United States competitive Restaurant Industry.


Photo: Getty Images

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