Study: Most Miserable Airports In The U.S Ranked

When traveling one of the biggest stresses of your trip is getting to the airport to make your flight on time.

The environment of the airport you fly in or out of can either make your flying experience awesome or terrible.

Value Penguin did a study to find out what the most miserable airports are in the U.S.

To find out what exactly makes an airport miserable Value Penguin looked at things like long security lines, delays, and flight cancellations.

Here is the full list of the Top ten most miserable airports.

  1. Newark Liberty International - Newark, NJ
  2. Chicago O'Hare International - Chicago, IL
  3. LaGuardia Airport - New York, NY
  4. Denver International - Denver, CO
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth International - Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
  6. Logan International - Boston, MA
  7. San Francisco International - San Francisco, CA
  8. John F. Kennedy International - New York, NY
  9. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  10.  Orlando International - Orlando, FL

To see the full list and learn what went into the misery index click here

(Value Penguin)

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