Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner is on a Friday this year, which means the pressure is on to make date night extra special.

Marie Claire put together a list of 32 Valentine's Day date ideas and there pretty awesome.

Whether you're trying to find something fun to do after dinner or a unique new adventure, this list has it all.

Check out the full list below

  1. Bonfire
  2. Chocolate Tasting and Truffle Making
  3. A Paint and Sip Class
  4. Dancing
  5. Ghost Tour
  6. Ice Skating and Après Skate
  7. Wine Bar Crawl
  8. Tour of Your Favorite Places
  9. A Trip to the Candy Store
  10. Talking a Trapeze Class together
  11. Museum Trip
  12. Themed Dinner and Movie Night at Home
  13. Sporting Event
  14. Roller Skating
  15. Burlesque Show
  16. Poetry Reading
  17. Shopping
  18. Water Park
  19. Karaoke
  20. Comedy Show
  21. Spa Day
  22. Escape Room
  23. Bike Ride
  24. Hotel Say
  25. Tour of Unexplored Town or Venue
  26. Amusement Park
  27. Sunset or Sunrise
  28. Glamping
  29. Joint Workout Class
  30. Tickets to see your favorite band
  31. Couples Cooking Class
  32. Astrology Fix

Which one of these date ideas will you try?

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(Marie Claire)

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