'Antiques Roadshow' Expert Drinks Urine Thinking It's 150-Year-Old Wine

When someone brought glass specialist Andy McConnell a sealed bottle that dated back 150 years on Antiques Roadshow, the expert got very excited. He was so enthusiastic, in fact, that McConnell got out a syringe to taste the 150-year-old wine that he suspected was inside the bottle, which a man had found buried under his house. An audience eagerly watched as Andy sampled the mysterious brown liquid. He stated, "I think it's port. It's port or red wine, or it's full of rusty old nails and that's rust." Well, he was partly right.

Three years after the clip originally aired, the show revisited it with host Fiona Bruce bringing Andy and the bottle owner back to reveal that the "wine" had been tested and analyzed. She explained, "You thought it might be port or wine. That would have been nice. Inside were these brass pins. The liquid: urine, a tiny bit of alcohol, and one human hair."

That's not all though - the bottle also contained a small shelled creature. Bruce explained it was all to keep evil away, saying, "What this was was not a bottle of port or wine, but a witch's bottle, buried in the house as a talisman."

As for why McConnell chose to drink it, he explained, "I was always the naughty boy at school . It was too good an opportunity to miss."

Photo: Antiques Roadshow/BBC One

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