List Of Dishes You Should Never Make On Thanksgiving

Insider put together a list of Thanksgiving holiday dishes that you should NEVER make.

Now, some of these side items I agree with, but other not so much.

I'm still trying to figure out how Green Bean Casserole, Dinner Rolls and Pecan Pie made the list.

Here's a full list of dishes you should never make according to Insider:

  1. Canned cranberry sauce
  2. Green bean casserole
  3. Pecan pie
  4. Ambrosia salad
  5. Jell-O salad
  6. Vegetable tray
  7. Corn pudding
  8. Giblet gravy
  9. PureĢed squash
  10. Dinner rolls

Do you agree with the list? What Thanksgiving dish do you think should never be made?




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