Ex-Con Goes Viral After She Shows How She Did Her Makeup in Jail

Christina Randall is a YouTuber that posted a video of her 'jailhouse makeover' a couple of months back that is now going viral. 

Randall spent time in the slammer for three years back in 2008 for battery, robbery, and escape. 

When she was released, she was determined to turn her life around. 

A few months back, Randall posted a makeup tutorial video where she showed how she did her makeup in jail, and it's crazy to see the before and after. 

She used items like Doritos, Deodorant, magazines, a toothbrush, paper plate, a pencil, baby powder, Koolaid, and more. 

At one point, you even see her patting the Doritos on her lips and eyebrows. 

Despite using odd items to get her makeup done, the result looks pretty good.

Would you ever give this makeup tutorial a try? 

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(New York Post)