Throwback: 1970s Commercials

Check out all these commercials that aired on ABC stations in the early 1970s.

Here is the full list of the commercials you'll see: 

  • Spic N Span
  • Salvo
  • Socialites Shoes
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper with Joey Heatherton
  • Shake N Bake with June Lockhart
  • Pristeen
  • Philco
  • Magnus Chord Organs (at Woolworths!)
  • Aerowax
  • Crisco Betty Crocker
  • Lipton Instant Tea
  • Zip Quick Cherry Crisp
  • Green Giant
  • Bernhard Altmann - Pure Wool at Rothschild's
  • Del Monte
  • Safeguard Soap
  • Jet Dry
  • Dixie Cups
  • Lyso

Do you remember any of these commercials?

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