12 Reasons Why You Should Never Exchange Passwords With Significant Other

If you're in a relationship, you've probably encountered"What's Your Password?" question.

Whether it's your passcode to your phone or your social media info, it may seem like by exchanging passwords that your relationship is heading to the next level right?


According to the Bolde.com it's a bad idea to exchange passwords and here are 12 reasons why:

  1. It's Creepy
  2. It Creates a False Sense Of Trust.
  3. It Could Point To Trust Issues
  4. It Can Create Unnecessary Stress
  5. You Never Know What They'll Do With Your Password.
  6. You Don't Have To Share Everything
  7. Some Things Should Be Yours
  8. You Don't Have To Become One Person
  9. It Might Be A Manipulative Move
  10. It Can Be Tricky If You Break Up.
  11. It Might Not Even Be Them You Have To Worry About
  12. It’s Unfair On Other People In Your Life.

To read more on why you should never exchange your password click here


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