Woman Claims That Someone Put Nair In A Conditioner Bottle She Bought

You've seen the disgusting trend of people licking ice cream at the store and then putting it back in the freezer shelf for others to buy.

However, since that happened, there have been incidents with other products.

For example: The shopper spitting in mouth wash or the woman that peed on potatoes both at Walmart locations.

But this act might take the cake for being just plain evil.

A young girl named Ashley went to a Walmart in New Richmond, WI to get some shampoo and conditioner for her hair.

She left the conditioner in her hair for about 10 minutes, and when she was leaving the shower, she noticed a funky smell and realized that her hair was falling out in MASSIVE clumps.

Shocked and confused because she lives alone so nobody could tamper with it she went to the Emergency Room for scalp irritation.

Ashley filed a police report so that she can try and get Walmart to release surveillance footage to investigators.

The young lady set up a gofundme to help with medical bills.

She is convinced that someone tampered with the product as a joke.

Hopefully, this disturbing trend of messing with people's products ends soon.

[Help Ashley with Wig, Medical, and Legal Costs]

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