Three of Philadelphia's Finest Arrested On Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.(WFLA News)- Two off duty police officers along with a retired cop, all from the "City of Brotherly Love", are in trouble after a run in with a Pinellas Deputy.

The sheriff's office says a witness saw 51 year old Paul Seeger push his wife,44 year old Cindy Caine during an argument at an Indian Rocks Beach restaurant.

When the deputy arrived, and tried to talk to Seeger, he allegedly walked away. The deputy stopped him, and according to the sheriff's report, that's when Caine pushed the deputy away.

During the commotion another man, 44 year old Frank Bonnet allegedly threatened the deputy with clenched fists and spewing cuss-words.

The deputy tried to taze Seeger, but when that didn't work, used a take down move to put Seeger in handcuffs.

The three face charges ranging from resisting arrest to assault on a law officer.

Seeger and Caine are husband and wife and are members of the Philadelphia Police Department. Bonnet is retired from the Philadelphia PD. The sheriff's office says that alcohol was a factor in the fight.

Photo credit: Pinellas Sheriff's Office