Florida Man Stabs Nephew For Spending Too Long in the Bathroom

DeLAND, Florida (WFLA News) -- A 72 year old man faces charges in the stabbing of his nephew.

Police say Dan Johnson knifed Michael Johnson, 29, in the abdomen and lower back, after an apparent dispute over how much time the younger man spent in the bathroom.

Detectives say the older Johnson, wh wanted to take a shower, knocked on the door twice and told his nephew to get out. After the second knock, the younger Johnson opened the door and said he'd only been in for a short time, after which police say his uncle stabbed him for being "disrespectful." He told police the knife had a black handle with a blade 5-6 inches long.

According to police, Dan Johnson claimed to be in fear of his life, saying his nephew puffed out his chest. But they found no signs of an attack or any verbal threats.

Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

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