Florida Congressman's Bill Backs Veterans' Access to Medical Marijuana

WASHINGTON (WFLA News) -- A Southwest Florida member of Congress wants to make sure the Department of Veterans Affairs can never again take away benefits from veterans who use medical marijuana.

Republican Greg Steube has introduced a bill requiring the V-A to preserve benefits for vets in states where medicinal pot is legal, including Florida.

The Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act is co-sponsored by a California Democrat, Gilbert Cisneros, Jr.

The V-A recently changed policy that banned medical marijuana users from receiving benefits, but Steube wants to make sure a future administration can't reverse that ruling.

Steube, who sits on the Veterans Affairs Committee, expects the bill to be taken up in that committee by the end of the month.

"This is something that isn't controversial... both parties support it... and (I see it) becoming law," Steube said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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