Naming and Shaming by School Helps Florida County Rein in Spring Break

DeFUNIAK SPRINGS FL (WFLA News) -- Spring break arrests are down in a Panhandle County... one year after the sheriff's office named and shamed arrested students by keeping a count by school on social media... embarrassing several out of state colleges and high schools.

Walton County sheriff's office spokesperson Corey Dubridnia says the number of arrests are down this year... perhaps because schools are getting the message and passing it along to students.

Dubridnia says they tried shaming students by posting their mugshots to social media but the kids saw it as a badge of honor.

So far this year, Walton County has arrested 65 spring breakers on various charges. Schools on the naughty list include Texas A&M, Western Kentucky and North Carolina State.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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