It's All Over In Daytona

Daytona Beach, Fla.-(3/17/2019)-Daytona Bike Week 2019 is a goner. Garbage dumpsters full of beer cans and some burnout spots in the pavement are all that's left from the invasion of thousands of beer swiggin' bikers. Now comes Spring Break! Kind of think the merchants like the bikers better than the breakers.

The merchants and vendors are giving the big event two thumbs up. They say they made some money from the free spending riders. The weather was good. There were a few little rain sprinkles and some strong winds during the final weekend.

Tattoo Lady picked up some new ink from Ron Gray at Willie's Tropical Tattoo and I added a few more black T-shirts to my wardrobe. Got to see some old friends and toss back a few cool ones. Just getting the chance to hear the constant rumble of a lot of Harleys was a boost to my well-being.

We took a pass around Main Street after hitting that place for the first weekend. We hit the Ormond Beach area and then went south to the Last Resort to wrap-up Bike Week. The Last Resort is where killer Aileen Wuornos used to drink. They filmed part of the flick "Monster" there. It's a good old biker bar.

Click my photos to see for yourself. Photos by Steve Hall

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