Scammers Target Polk County Residents

WINTER HAVEN (970 WFLA) -- Two sets of scams are targeting Polk County residents.

The Polk Sheriff's Office says at least four people have gotten calls from someone claiming there's a warrant out for their arrest. One of those people, a 65 year old man from Bartow, bought $2,000 in gift cards, then gave the codes to the person on the phone, who claimed to be a lieutenant. He was then told to mail the receipts and four of the cards to a "Susan Boyle" in Winter Haven. He realized it was a scam when he took the other four cards to the court clerk's offfice.

At least three other calls have been reported from the same number... 863-225-0924.

Meantime, the Polk County Clerk of Courts Office put out a release stating that scammers are telling people that they need to pay up because they missed a jury duty summons.

In both cases, officials say, don't fall for these scams... legitimate officials don't use the phone to shake people down for money.

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